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Having A Baby In Norway – Birth

There is a set procedure when you have pre-eclampsia.  If A doesn’t work then you move onto B, and if B doesn’t work then you move onto C.  Each step increases in intensity and depending on how your body reacts to each step will greatly impact on the next. I was admitted into the maternity […]

Having A Baby In Norway – Preventative Measures for Perineum Tears

Usually the more babies you have the bigger they get.  Unfortunately, we are also up against genes as Moose is your stereotypical Norwegian at 6’7″.  (I find it very odd that the world thinks Norwegians are tall because the higher you go up in Norway the shorter they get.  Must have something to do with […]

Having A Baby In Norway – Birth Plan

What I took away from my last Ultrasound appointment was how forthcoming the information was.  I didn’t have to pry it out of the physician and I believe it is because I knew what he was talking about from the get-go.  Over the years I have done a lot of study on pregnancy and birth […]

Having A Baby In Norway – The Breastfeeding-Childcare Paradox

Ink drawing of “Fangen Moder” by Einar Wullum, Trondheim, Norway (1901) Everyone knows that breastfeeding is best for the baby.  In the first weeks of breastfeeding important antibodies from the mother are transferred to the baby to give them a good start in life.  Breastfeeding can also help mother lose those extra pounds she put […]

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