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Week 34

Week 34 in Noway is crazy! As an Australian, I’m not used to using ‘weeks’ for dating. In Norway, the weeks of the year are numbered fom 1 to 52 (obviously). However, week one doesn’t necessarily start on the week of the 1st of January and sometimes there is a week 53! The only way […]

The Jets

Meet The Jets! – Jumbo Jet, Ink Jet and Brid-jet.  They are two weeks old in the pictures and only Jumbo has her eyes open.  Here their ears are still kinked back and they are covered with their mum’s (ripped out) fur.  Yesterday they turned three weeks and are very happy running around their pen. […]

Welcome to the Farm!

Life in Alta is quite different from the rest of the country, even farm-life. So, we thought we’d introduce you to our new inspiration and take you on a grand tour of the farm. As we walked clockwise around the farm to take pictures today, I was ever so amazed at the diversity of the […]

10 Tips on Surviving Norway

You need to have a certain personality to survive Norway.  I’m lucky, I enjoy my own company and can amuse myself, so the standard isolation as an ‘immigrant’ is quite perfect for me.  However, others who need social interaction have a much harder time of it.  Below are some tips (well, more like humorous tactics) especially […]

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