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Norwegian Lesson 109

Introduction Velkommen til Norwegian Lesson 109! In this lesson we are learning a lot – it’s like coming to the second turning point (you know the climax is near and then soon will be the resolution).  So this is a lead up to the end of the first section of learning!  So if you are […]

Norwegian Lesson 108

Introduction Velkommen til Norwegian Lesson 108! After a while is gets hard to write dialogue and stories as you only know a little in the beginning and you feel that you are just repeating over and over again.  But I’ve found the trick to being enthusiastic when making up simple stories or dialogue.  I choose […]

Norwegian Lesson 107

Introduction Velkommen til Norwegian Lesson 107! When we meet new people we always talk about where we live, where we come from, who we are married to, how many kids we have and what we do for a living.  Even though we talk about this every single time with a new acquaintance it never gets […]

Norwegian Lesson 106

Introduction Velkommen til Norwegian Lesson 106! Questions and answers are the essentials of basic conversation.  It is important to get used to mix-matching question words with different verbs.  So rather than just memorising the sentences in these lessons it is better to learn the structure of statement and question sentences so you can ask what […]

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