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Norwegian Lesson 131

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 131! In this lesson we are learning lots of new past tense and perfect tense words.  We also learn how to say what we ‘think’ and ‘believe’. The next week will mainly concentrate on word development so make sure you keep your tables up to date – this will be an […]

Norwegian Lesson 129

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 129! In this lesson we learn about the weather and days of the week.  We also revise prepositions questions and answers with ‘why’ and ‘because’, and also go over some of the clothes that we have been learning. To get you thinking about clothes visit the Kappahl website in Norway – […]

Norwegian Lesson 128

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 128! In this lesson we learn slightly more complex sentence structures.  We also learn how to answer questions with simple compound sentences.  We also have an ‘Australianised’ version of last lessons diktat as an amusing lead into our podcasts.

Norwegian Lesson 127

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 127! In this lesson we practise reading from Norwegian food information.  I find it very helpful to learn Norwegian when I include it in my daily tasks (like going shopping).  However, I know that some of you don’t have the luxury of popping down to the store and practising your Norwegian […]

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