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Norwegian Lesson 136

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 136! In this lesson we review a lot of the personal pronouns that we have already learnt but we are also introduced to the rest of them.  Remember that we are still working with past tense and perfect tense until the end of this level – it would be good to […]

Norwegian Lesson 135

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 135! In this lesson we address subjective and objective pronouns as well as some questions in ‘preteritum form’.  We also have our last general podcast from the ‘Language Barrier’ sheet on the Learn Norwegian pages. NOTE: **We have a couple more lessons and then we will be taking a short break […]

Norwegian Lesson 134

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 134! This is a great practise lesson for you.  You will be able to push your reading skills as well as be creative.  You have the ability now to make interesting sentences.  Sometimes when learning a language you get stuck in saying the stereotypical or rope sentences and forget the you […]

Norwegian Lesson 133

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 133! In this lesson we are continuing with past tense with some good practise exercises to get your brain working.  We are also learning about past tense ‘modalverb’.  There are a lot of brand new words in the dialogues so make sure you check with the gloser to help your understand/translate. […]

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