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Norwegian Lesson 138

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 138! This lesson we give you some of the most common verbs in their groupings of past tenses.  The exercises will give you good practise with tense verbs – you get to translate, establish the tense of the sentence and then find the right word in it’s right tense to fill […]

Learn Norwegian Podcast 101b

In this Podcast we practise the first basic conversation: How are you? My name is… I come from… etc. These podcasts are designed around the My Little Norway Norwegian Lesson Series. For us to provide a wide variety of listening and vocal exercises, it is essential for listeners to view the text in focus. This […]

Learn Norwegian Podcast 101a

Velkommen to our first Learn Norwegian Podcast! These podcasts follow the Norwegian Lesson Series, and as such the Learn Norwegian Podcasts will match the Norwegian Lesson numbers.  Most times we will have two or three podcasts to each Norwegian Lesson. Tip: Podcasts are great to listen to, but because it is so important to ‘see’ […]

Norwegian Lesson 137

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 137! We have some great exercises in this lesson.  The first ‘Gjennomgang’ section will really push you to use what you know.  The hardest part about learning Norwegian is remembering what you have been taught.  I’ve been stuck so many times and then when I heard the answer I just want […]

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