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How Vikings Changed the English Language: First Contact

Language progressively changes over time.  In theorising how a language changes, scholars look at two things – internal and external change.  Internal change relates to grammar – word patterns (morphology), sound patterns (phonetics) and meaning patterns (semantics) etc.  External change relates to influences from innovations (such as the printing press), politics and social identity (such […]

Makka Pakka Baka Kaka!

Yes, we get In The Night Garden here: Drømmehagen.  We watch it religiously as Lilu loves to dance and mimic the characters.  My favourite character is the OCD-geriatric stone-stacker who gets around with the walker – Makka Pakka!  (We’re still trying to figure out what the circles are on his head and butt – are […]

How Vikings Changed the English Language: Intro

My understanding of languages was very minimal before I moved to Norway.  This has made it incredibly hard for me to learn Norwegian.  I had no idea where languages came from or how they developed.  As I started to learn Norwegian I found it harder than most to comprehend.  I couldn’t just take things ‘how […]

Cheese and Oranges

“Cheese!” is the English word used to bring a cheesy smile across your subject’s face when taking a photo.  However, this same word in Norwegian doesn’t give quite the same effect.  In fact, if you say the Norwegian word for cheese, ‘ost’, your subject will pucker their lips like blowing out a candle for the […]

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