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How Vikings Changed the English Language: Origin

The origin of Modern Norwegian is fairly straight forward.  One language evolved into another and so forth without too much complication (compared to English).  As mentioned in How Vikings Changed the English Language: First Contact, one of the ways that scholars announce that a language existed is by written evidence.  A lot of the earlier […]

Parenting In Norway – A Bilingual Family

I never thought I would have a bilingual family. Language is never an issue when you marry one of your own countrymen. However, I married a Norwegian, and so language has become an everyday battle in my family’s life. When raising children in a bilingual family you need to decide how you are going to […]

Ka Du Gjør?

“Mamma. Ka du gjør? Ka du gjør?!” I couldn’t answer – I had no idea what Lilu was trying to say. “Ka du gjøøøør?! Mamma!” I looked at Moose, feeling a little hopeless. He said with a smirk, “She’s asking you what you’re doing.” Had I missed something? I thought that to ask someone what they were […]

Tvi Tvi! (Good Luck)

The sound of spitting is always sweet to a Norwegian.  ‘Tvi, tvi’ was used to put a curse on someone that you liked.  The superstition was that if somebody had already cursed you then the evil spirits had no reason to bother you.  It was usually used as a friendly good-bye, or a send off […]

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