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Buying Your Bong at the Movies!

I was at the movies with my Norwegian friend the other day and she asked me ‘Har du en bong med deg? (Have you a ‘bong’ with you?’)  I stopped ‘I didn’t think it was that kind of movie!’  A moment of ‘what the?’ passed.  In her sentence I knew every word except bong and […]

Learn Norwegian Podcast 103c

Hei, alle sammen! In this Podcast we revise some of the basic conversational questions and answers from the last couple of podcast lessons.  The exercises encourage you to listen, think and speak.  Make sure you say the sentences out loud so you can judge if you are pronouncing them properly. NOTE: You will notice a […]

Crosses, Commas and Great Divides

One thing you may notice when traveling or comminucating internationally is that every country has their own way of placing dots, commas and other symbols. Norway certainly is no exception. Here is a short list of “the Norwegian Way” of writing: Thousands separators: Norway does not use commas to separate thousands, millions etc. Instead, they […]

How Vikings Changed the English Language: Morphology

Morphology is the study of words.  How words are structured, patterned and evolve tell us a lot about who influenced what language.  In How Vikings Changed the English Language: Spelling we discussed how words were spelt in Old English and Norse – phonetically.  However, as English went through the Great Vowel Shift English spelling was […]

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