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Norwegian Lesson 125

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 125! This lesson we continue with our ‘going shopping’ theme.  We learn a little more about adjectives but also have exercises with pronouns, measurements, numbers and how the gender/plural of nouns effect the other words in the sentence. For the rest of this week we will be practising what we know […]

Norwegian Lesson 124

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 124! One of the things that I’m dead set on is being taught properly and correctly.  I don’t want to be learning something only to find out that it is wrong or not the proper way of doing things.  This comes from my dancing background.  As a dance teacher I am […]

Norwegian Lesson 123

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 123! When searching the net for language lessons it is very difficult to find lessons that you need.  Since I’ve been learning Norwegian I’ve found that many teach about the structure and principles but what I want more of is exercises to practise.  It is difficult to practise with the same […]

Norwegian Lesson 122

Innledning Velkommen til norskleksjon 122! This lesson we move onto ‘going shopping’ so there will be plenty of new nouns to learn.  Make sure you keep up with your entall and flertall tables for each new noun you come across.  If you keep your table up to date it will be an invaluable resource for […]

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