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Lasting in Norway

When I first came here I was put in a group of immigrants to learn Norwegian.  It hadn’t occurred to me that I was actually an immigrant myself, so I thought it very weird to be mixed in with everyone else.  Americans, Brazilians, Vietnamese, Georgians, Puerto Ricans, English, Russians, Germans and even Australians were considered […]

Syttende Mai – National Day in Tromsø

The 17th of May – Norwegian Constitution Day – is celebrated all over Norway and around the world.  Tromsø puts on a grand event with ‘the people’ being the focus of the day.  Events happen from 7am in the morning with the flag raising and the laying of wreaths at particular memorial sites to commemorate […]

Having a Baby in Norway – Ultrasound Examinations

An ultrasound examination has become a regular part of prenatal check-ups.  In Norway it is standard to have one around your 18th week of pregnancy.  During the examination the doctor will check the size of the baby’s head, legs, spine, etc, and also check organs such as the heart and stomach.  You will likely be […]

Having a Baby in Norway – An Introduction

This post is a general introduction to pregnancy and birth in Norway.  In future posts in this series “Having a Baby in Norway” I will go through procedures, information and experiences in detail.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below so everyone can benefit from the answers. […]

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