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Having A Baby In Norway – Mother’s Group

When you have your last appointments with your midwife before you give birth she will ask you if you want to join a ‘mother’s group’.  (Although sometimes the language barrier gets in the way and you don’t realise what you’ve signed up to until you arrive at the appointment.) Mother’s group is just a group […]

Third Time Exasperated

Norwegians are lovely people, but I must admit it is very true that Norwegians in certain situations can be extremely rude. At Restaurants At fast food places like Burger King the workers prefer to serve the pretty young boys in their army uniforms first even though you have been waiting longer.  At Dolly Dimples, the […]

Immigrants Behaving Badly

I know this topic will likely be very controversial but lets see how we go ;D Being an immigrant myself, I am acutely aware of the behaviour of other immigrants.  This is because the way all immigrants behave adds to the general perception of immigrants in Norwegian society.  It generally goes: if one immigrant behaves […]

Local Hub Voted Best in Norway


With cosy lounge chairs scattered throughout, an art and activity floor for the kids, a cafe area to read todays regional and national newspapers, extensive language courses and materials, free wireless and access to over 600 full content international newspapers, spread over four floors in an award winning architectural building, it’s no wonder Tromsø Library has been voted the best in Norway!

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