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Parenting In Norway – A Bilingual Family

I never thought I would have a bilingual family. Language is never an issue when you marry one of your own countrymen. However, I married a Norwegian, and so language has become an everyday battle in my family’s life. When raising children in a bilingual family you need to decide how you are going to […]

Ka Du Gjør?

“Mamma. Ka du gjør? Ka du gjør?!” I couldn’t answer – I had no idea what Lilu was trying to say. “Ka du gjøøøør?! Mamma!” I looked at Moose, feeling a little hopeless. He said with a smirk, “She’s asking you what you’re doing.” Had I missed something? I thought that to ask someone what they were […]

Backward Clothing Habits

I’m a t-shirt and (cargo) shorts kind of girl.  Just one layer, quick and easy, (and less washing).  It’s a very ‘Australian’ thing to dress so lite – it’s like we are always on a backpacking holiday – we don’t even wear socks! Lately it’s been snowing in Tromsø and it has dropped to freezing temperatures. […]

How to Get a Job in Norway

workIs it hard to get a job in Norway?

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