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Happy Australia Day from Norway!

It’s Australia Day today.  I did all I could to spread the Australia Day cheer.  I couldn’t let my friends and family here in Norway be completely oblivious.  I got questions like ‘what do you do’ (answer: we go to the beach!) and ‘what happened on this day’ (answer: the First Fleet (11 convict ships […]

Severed Habits of Highly Effective Australians

Sometimes when learning about the Norwegian culture you are suddenly reminded how bizarre your own is.  I’ve been reminded how Australians tend to over exaggerate.  Everything is always bigger and better in Australia when an Australian talks about it.  The football match wasn’t good, it was awesome!  The the burger wasn’t big, it was mega! […]

Wacky Norwegian Discrimination

Discrimination runs rampaged in every country – Norway is no different.  In fact, if you are from any other culture, even English, and want to live in Norway, be prepared to be discriminated against in the most unlikeliest of situations. Call Centres Everyone hates it when a stranger calls up to try and flog a […]

The Norwegian Sense of Nature

The seasons in Norway are very dramatic. When it snows you get real snow. When it shines the sun is so bright you have to wear sunglasses. Norwegians are used to living from one extreme into another and I think I know their secret. Norwegians are fearless about weather.  Come rain, snow or shine, they […]

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