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Finally! Permanent Residence!

When you are in between countries you are in limbo.  You can only live year by year as that is all you are approved to do until you get a permanent residency permit.  After three years on a temporary residency permit I have finally been upgraded to permanent. It certainly hasn’t been an easy road […]

10 Tips on Surviving Norway

You need to have a certain personality to survive Norway.  I’m lucky, I enjoy my own company and can amuse myself, so the standard isolation as an ‘immigrant’ is quite perfect for me.  However, others who need social interaction have a much harder time of it.  Below are some tips (well, more like humorous tactics) especially […]

Do You Really Want To Live In Norway?

Some people think they can just pack up their gear and move to Norway.  They think that once they get a cosy apartment they will find a good job earning lots of money, make great friends and live happily ever after.  All I can say about this is: hmmm. Over the past couple of years […]

Norwegian Men and Import Brides

This is always a controversial topic in Norway.  There is currently a documentary series on national TV that presents the issues of being an immigrant in Norway: Det nye landet.  Last week the documentary focused on Norwegian men and ‘import brides’.  It is commonly known amongst Norwegians that Norwegian men import brides because Norwegian women […]

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