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Not Cool!

Sometimes Mother Nature can be kind. Other times she can be cruel. And then there are times when she will toilet paper your lawn, slap a pie in your face and give you a wedgie – all at the same time. Freezing rain (underkjølt regn) is Nature’s way of pulling a real prank on you. […]

Alt for Norge S01E06

Svalbard. Even in the Summer ice and snow cover this island landscape. As the Norwegian-Americans land at the airport the hunting videographer can’t wait to kill his first polar bear. Monica Christensen Solaas, a true Norwegian explorer, was overseer of the challenges, the first being a long distance ski trek to a ‘North Pole’ (a […]

Changing Gears – Literally

The way I was taught to know when to change gears when driving a car is to feel the car.  I guess it’s about feeling the vibrations from the revs.  Aussies tend to have beastie cars so it is pretty easy to feel the engine.  If you can’t feel then you hear the change via […]

What To Do In Norway When You’re Bored

Sometimes the cold makes you do crazy things.  Can you guess what I’m doing?  Listen to the sound. Still can’t pick it?  Have a look at the video. Who knew you could do that on a soccer field?

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