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Surf ‘n’ Turf: Norwegian Style

Even though I’m getting used to Norwegian food, every now and then I’ll discover the weird and the weirder. My family, (aka Moose), has some awfully strange eating habits. It’s very usual to have fresh chicken eggs on bread for breakfast… with caviar on top! Eggs with eggs, hmmm – this must be the Norwegian […]

Parking in the Snow: The Basics

When you live in the Arctic, you never know how you will find your car in the morning. Will it be covered in 20 blankets of snow? Will there be ice stuck on all the windows? Or has Mr Plow dug you in again? (Sometimes I spend a good five minutes just looking for the […]

Funny Talk

In learning Norwegian you are bound to make some very funny mistakes. Like the time I said that I teach ‘all you can eat Cha Cha’ or when I whispered to Moose ‘I love me.’ One time I asked my brother-in-law at dinner what he did for a living. He replied ‘I’m eating potato’. Everyone […]

Is King Kong Norwegian?

I am constantly amazed at how many TV shows and movies refer to Norway. The Simpsons mentioned that a Norwegian exchange student knocked up Bart’s fiancé. In the reality crab-fishing series The Deadliest Catch, the crew were gloating over their pile of crabs ‘This is Norwegian money’. In Total Recall, the robot cabbie is whistling […]

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