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Good Norwegian Food Websites

For such a small country (only 4.5 mil) Norway has an amazing amount of food websites.  A lot of Norwegian cuisine is still based on frozen, salted and dried foods (used for preservation since Viking times) but slowly more exotic foods are making an appearance in supermarkets (mango, pumpkin, pastry, mozzarella etc).  Instead of these […]

Norwegian Wild Food

Food is very important in Norwegian culture, a proud part of their identity, however, food connoisseurs in Europe have always thought the Nordic countries lack quality and sophistication in their cuisine.  (Finland is always picked for the worst cuisine in Europe every year.) I find that the ideas behind food in Norway is very different […]

Home-made Julebrød

One thing I have learnt about coming to Norway is that bread and cakes turn out much better when you do as the Norwegians do.  I’ve tried many times to bake my Australian bread recipes and for some reason they never quite turn out the way they should.  I don’t really know the reason why […]

Decorating Pepperkaker

Pepperkaker (gingerbread) makes an excellent decoration for the house at Christmas time. We make lots of different types of pepperkaker – some for hanging on the Christmas tree, some for hanging in the windows, some to give away when we go carolling and others sit on the table for grazing. One of my favourite activities […]

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