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Talvik Church

The church in Talvik, a small village just outside of Alta, holds a little bit of our family history.  A lot of Farfar’s family came from this area in Finnmark.  His great, great, great granddad, Arne Jacobsen, donated a seven stick chandelier in celebration of his seven children. On a trip back to Tromsø we […]

Reindeer Pizza

Where else can you get reindeer pizza in Norway other than Finnmark?  This one with pineapple and leek wasn’t half bad.  We also had tandoori pizza and kebab pizza topped with Chinese cabbage.  Burger, kebab and pizza places in Norway use Chinese cabbage instead of lettuce because it is cheaper, lasts longer and adds extra […]

War Ruins on the Farm

If you walk along the north fence on Farfar’s farm you will find a corner pocket of fir trees.  The fir trees grow in rows, equal distance apart.  This little forest is certainly man made, Farfar planted it a long time ago.  Maybe it was to hide what was on the ground underneath, or maybe […]

Sunrise into Sunset

me-on-snow-hill-at-sunsetA lonely mountain on the edge of the Finnmark Plateau.

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