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Barnehage Blues

I hadn’t planned for Lilu to go to barnehage (direct translation “children’s garden”, Norwegian childcare).  I have the opportunity to look after both my small children at home but barnehage has been recommended by our doctor for Lilu’s language development. In Norway it is expected that all children go to barnehage and it is thought […]

Deja Vu

We were walking Lil’Red along the Tverrelv river and all of a sudden I had ‘deja vu’.  Two years ago we were walking the exact road, with the exact pram, in the exact season with a striped beanied, brown-eyed baby.

På Ferie

“På ferie” (on holiday) is one of the first phrases you learn at Norwegian language school here in Norway and there is a very good reason!  Norwegians love going on holiday – it is Norway’s biggest past time.  Come Summer and practically the whole country shuts down to cater for all the Norwegians taking their […]

70 Birthday Cakes

It was Farmor’s 70th birthday and Tante made one of her famous cakes for the occasion.  The flower decorations were all hand-made with marzipan. Tante’s marzipan cream cake was the first to be devoured.  But luckily Norwegian birthday parties never have just one cake.  We also had a bløtkake (cream cake) with pineapple made by […]

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