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Stop or I’ll Shoot

When travelling in Norway it is important to know danger signs.  This is one of them: FARE SKYTEFELT means ‘shooting range’.  These can be found scattered throughout long stretches of land along highways.  They are army practice areas.  Hang on – bullets can’t read!  How do they know to stop before the sign?  Heaven forbid […]

Tvi Tvi! (Good Luck)

The sound of spitting is always sweet to a Norwegian.  ‘Tvi, tvi’ was used to put a curse on someone that you liked.  The superstition was that if somebody had already cursed you then the evil spirits had no reason to bother you.  It was usually used as a friendly good-bye, or a send off […]

Family Ties

When you and your partner become new parents, and your parents and your partner’s parents become new grandparents, you don’t have to only choose an appropriate name for the baby (that makes everyone happy) but you also have to work out the names of the grandparents.  I’ve been in this situation in Australia with my […]

What’s Sopp!

sopp-trondheimMany Norwegians know what they are doing when they pick wild mushrooms. This knowledge is passed down the family during mushroom hunting trips. The hard-core mushroom hunters go into the mountain wilderness for days to get the best finds.

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