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Movie Title Translations

Sometimes English-speaking movie titles don’t translate well into Norwegian so the titlists have to get creative.  Sometimes they just don’t bother and other times they put in a little too much effort.  Here are some of the more common changes in titles: Movie Title: The Pacifier Norwegian Title: Operasjon barnevakt English Translation: Operation Babysitter Movie […]

Crosses, Commas and Great Divides

One thing you may notice when traveling or comminucating internationally is that every country has their own way of placing dots, commas and other symbols. Norway certainly is no exception. Here is a short list of “the Norwegian Way” of writing: Thousands separators: Norway does not use commas to separate thousands, millions etc. Instead, they […]

A Brain Like Siv

After class I was chatting with some friends.  I was invited to a dance party.  I grabbed out my phone and said with my Australian laziness ‘Better write this down, have a brain like sieve’.  An awkward moment passed and I suddenly realised the girl right next to me was called Siv.  I quickly laughed […]

Severed Habits of Highly Effective Australians

Sometimes when learning about the Norwegian culture you are suddenly reminded how bizarre your own is.  I’ve been reminded how Australians tend to over exaggerate.  Everything is always bigger and better in Australia when an Australian talks about it.  The football match wasn’t good, it was awesome!  The the burger wasn’t big, it was mega! […]

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