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No Alt for Norge this Week

Unfortunately, TVNorge had a finale of a celebrity cooking show that took up the regular time slot of Alt for Norge.  I’m sure everyone has complained to the TV station already as the cooking show doesn’t compare to the success of Alt for Norge.  The show, Four Star Dinner, is a try-hard reality show with […]

Alt for Norge S01E03

This week the show opened with sereen pictures of rolling green pastures, snow top mountains and a quaint little farm with stabbur (traditional storage houses built on stilts so rats can’t get in).  The Alt for Norge Americans piled out of the bus and took a big whiff.  ‘Oh, smell that!’ The hunting videographer was a little sarcastic.  […]

Alt for Norge: S01E01

What does an opera singer, actor, hunting videographer, priest, rock ‘n’ roll wrestler, grandmother, folk enthusiast, gay games medalist, surfer and fashion guru, all from the US, have in common?  They are all competitors on a new reality game show called Alt for Norge.  This title directly translates to ‘All for Norway’, encapsulating the idea […]

Reality Checks: Samba Parade

Sometimes life takes you in extrodinay directions.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be sitting at a sewing machine making Samba costumes for a Samba Parade above the Arctic Circle in Norway. I am currently production managing the world’s most northern Samba Parade.  This year we have incorporated many Brazilian parade traditions […]

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