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Finnbiff or Reindeer Stew

Reindeer is synonymous with Sami culture and life but the Norsemen have certainly cottoned onto the goodness of reindeer cuisine. This rustic meal is perfect for cold Winter nights and packs you with energy for the next day of playing in the snow.


21st January is soldagen (the sun day) when the sun officially returns to Tromsø.

Christmas Sausage – Julepølse

Julepølse (Christmas sausage) can be used as trimmings with Norwegian rib roast or stand as its own meal.  The sausages can be white and red (smoked) and are often seen on the same plate.  They are a lot fatter than normal Norwegian pølser and are usually baked in the oven with lard.  The tops of […]

Gravy for Christmas

Have you ever heard of making your own gravy stock balls?  Farmor is a master at it.  Every pre-Christmas she prepares a batch of her gravy balls to last the whole holiday season. She slowly cooks down a home-made paste of spices, flour and flavours on the stove top until it is firm enough to […]

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