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Parenting in Norway: Two Year Old Check-Up

When a child is two they are scheduled for a check-up at the health clinic with a child nurse.  The main aim of the check-up is to see how the child is doing with language development.  Before the appointment the clinic will send out a little questionnaire about your child’s basic language achievements – words, […]

Family Ties

When you and your partner become new parents, and your parents and your partner’s parents become new grandparents, you don’t have to only choose an appropriate name for the baby (that makes everyone happy) but you also have to work out the names of the grandparents.  I’ve been in this situation in Australia with my […]

Having A Baby In Norway – Mother’s Group

When you have your last appointments with your midwife before you give birth she will ask you if you want to join a ‘mother’s group’.  (Although sometimes the language barrier gets in the way and you don’t realise what you’ve signed up to until you arrive at the appointment.) Mother’s group is just a group […]

Snow Boots

What do we do when we get snow on our boots? We brush off the snow and get it all over our hands so we wash it off in the snow on the ground. So far, every year has been Lilu’s first snowfall.  It can seem a long time between Winters for a Toddler so […]

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