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My Little Norway’s Bunad Giveaway

After great debate, here is our Top Five list for the Bunad Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who submitted a story. Moose and I waited until tonight to read them all at once.  It was a fun read but challenging to pick the Top Five. Now it’s over to our readers to choose which Norwegian […]

Bunad Giveaway

We have a children’s Bunad to give-away in celebration of this coming Syttende Mai (May 17), Norway’s National Day of Independence. Over the next few weeks we are holding a little competition for one lucky reader to win this traditional dress and have it sent to them for May 17. A Bunad is a traditional […]

Syttende Mai – National Day in Tromsø

The 17th of May – Norwegian Constitution Day – is celebrated all over Norway and around the world.  Tromsø puts on a grand event with ‘the people’ being the focus of the day.  Events happen from 7am in the morning with the flag raising and the laying of wreaths at particular memorial sites to commemorate […]

Bunad – Norwegian Traditional Costumes

bunad-tronhiemThe bunad is a traditional Norwegian costume worn by both men and women. It can either come from established rural traditions or have a more modern design inspired by historical patterns and cuts.

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