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Skoleboller (school buns) are boller with a custard centre and an iced coconut topping.  They are as generic as the original boller in Norway.  Every supermarket stocks a fresh load of these in the bakery section.  When it is a choice between plain boller and skoleboller, the latter always wins. You can make skoleboller from scratch […]

Frenched Boller with Caramelized Nectarines

I’ve been making a lot of boller lately, so I’ve had to become creative with Norway’s little sweet bread to use all the surplus.  Boller make fantastic french toast.  The cardamum and cinnamon already in the bread make them fry perfectly.  We picked up some fresh nectarines (something that I’m only used to having at […]

Chocolate Boller

There is something about the country that just makes you want to bake.  Since moving to the farm, home-made Chocolate boller have become our thing.  All we use is our simple boller recipe with (big) bits of dark chocolate thrown in. These boller are always best straight out of the oven when the chocolate is still […]

First Midnight Sun Boller!

With the first Midnight Sun of the year, how do you think Norwegians celebrate? With a bolle, of course! You guessed it – the First Midnight Sun Boller! I presume that this is a new tradition (invented by commercialism) as this is the first time I have seen this bolle.  It is a round dounut […]

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