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To the Trees

Our baby rooster perches on the highest branches at night.  If I didn’t know better, I would think he could fly. In nature, chickens are safer up in the trees at night and underneath ground cover during the day.  This protects them against night predators like foxes and day predators like hawks. We’ve learnt that […]

Muskox in the City

muskoxEven though the males are called bulls and the females cows, the muskoxen are more closely related to sheep than cattle. Make no mistake, though – this is not your average cuddly ba-ba-blacksheep! A grown animal can be 2,5 m long and weigh up to 400 kgs, and their long curved horns mean business.

Rur on the Rocks

‘Rur’ is the Norwegian word for barnacles, which are related to crabs and lobsters. These little fellas have a very interesting life. Their backs are attached to a rock (or a ship), they can’t leave their shell and the only way they can eat is to filter the water for plankton. This makes it very […]

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