Reindeer Profile

A woolly reindeer in Kautokeino munches on hay while it waits from the acing festival to be over.

Christmas Cookies

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Seven Sorts refers to the seven traditional Norwegian Christmas cakes and cookies -...

Wild Field

Senja fields in summer. This picture doesn't do that scene justice but must. resist. to. photoshop!

Well Hut

I first thought this was a dog house (or a children's outhouse) but it's sometimes fun to be wrong!

Saw Mill

By the water, this mill was very dry. I'm sure it would groan if it rained.


Smultringer, (or lard rings in English), are a traditional donut that are very popular in Norway. They can be bought in packs at the supermarket throughout the year here, but come...

Cold Kvaløya

Glassy water in the autumn. The mountain in the background always reminded me of a dinosaur who wasn't very good at hide-and-seek.