When teaching your own child a language, I find you are more careful, consistent and thorough - it is a nurturing education.  No only are you teaching the child the words and sounds but also the stories that come with language development.  This gives an all round education, one that is for life. I am embarking on one of my biggest challenges in my life.  It is not learning the Norwegian language myself but teaching it to my English-speaking teenage son.  He lives in Australia and before he can come to live with me in Norway he wants to have a good understanding of the language.  We will be having weekly lessons on Skype accompanied by regular exercises on facebook.  Skype will provide oral lessons and conversation as well as discussions on the grammar of the language.  Facebook will provide opportunities for writing and reading lessons as well as checking up on assignments.  You can only learn a language with constant attention. What's more, this is a great opportunity for me to benefit our readers of My Little Norway.  I will document my lessons with my son as a reference for me but also to provide another resource for Norwegian language learners.  We all learn language differently, some learn through studying books, some through conversations and others by going to school.  These lessons are for those who like learning in a family environment, who learn through stories and simplicity and who value the intimate teachings of a parent for their child.