Our Learn Norwegian lessons are free for everyone.  We hope that you enjoy the lessons and get the most out of them. The Learn Norwegian section of our site is a 'work-in-progress'.  We will continually develop and build upon the lessons to create a complete learning experience.  The lessons won't necessarily be added in order but will be categorized as beginner, intermediate and advanced.   Each topic will have a lesson page, exercises, podcasts and interactive learning.  We hope to create a multi-dimensional learning space for you. There are many different opinions on how to learn a language and we have found that many language courses do not accommodate for the learner.  The fundamentals of true learning is often disregarded and a well rounded education is compromised by 'fast-track' tuition.  The best learning utilises rhythm - pacing, timing and space.  These factors increase retention and enhances learning ability.  Our Norwegians lessons has the learner in mind.  Simplicity is key.  The measure is easily attainable.  Practise is essential.  This is the Norwegian course I wish I was taught. We are certainly not professional Norwegian linguists.  We are two regular Joes making Norwegian accessible to the world.  However, we do have experience that certainly helps.  Moose is a native Norwegian who is advanced in English.  He has worked as a translator and interpretor.  He is also a teacher and has studied language at university.  Me, I'm a native English speaker from Australia.  I have an 'immigrant' experience of learning Norwegian through everyday encounters, attending the State Norwegian courses and studying the effects of the English language on Norwegian at university.  I have taught dance and theatre for many years at all different levels utilising the processes of learning to help students become more successful.  I am still very much a beginner at Norwegian, which enables me to give a basic perspective of Norwegian and how to learn it. We hope that our lessons will become a valuable resource for your Norwegian learning.