Old Churches

The old black stave church faces the afternoon sun that fades between the intersection of two tall mountains.

Rosa Nord

The last sunset in Hammerfest before the dark season when the sun slumbers fo two whole months, never raising above the horizon.

Musk Ox

Fierce creatures that were imported to Norway from Canada last century.

Sled Dog

Getting up close and personal with a shed dog! They a happy to have one-on-one playtime.

Sharp Mountains

Mountains that are spikey are new to this world. These mountains look like one but in fact they are made up of layers and layers of rocky heights to form the Bull Horns.


Sea otters are everywhere along the coast of Norway. They may be shy but they are playful creatures.

Kvaløya Farm

Farms by the ocean are a regular sight in Norway. Cows love salt licks, and so I wonder if the salty air flavours the grass for the cows.

Wild Field

Senja fields in summer. This picture doesn’t do that scene justice but must. resist. to. photoshop!