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November Northern Lights

aurora-november-2009-3Tonight’s sky was filled with the Northern Lights.

First Day of Night

The photo above was taken at midday – the sun never made it over the horizon.  Today was the first day of the long night in Tromsø.  This is the beginning of the dark season, or the dark Winter, where we have no sun for two months.  Technically there are no more sun-days until mid-January […]

Chasing Aeroplanes

It’s fun to have an airport close by.  This might sound odd as the first thing people think about is the noise, traffic and pollution.  But Tromsø airport is only built for light aircrafts – propeller planes and 747s.  No Jumbos are allowed to land here.  This is normal for the airports in Northern Norway. […]

Tromsø Island Sunset

It was a race against time.  Sunset was at 1:17pm.  This was our only chance to catch the last sunset of the year.  The last day of sun is Sunday but work, school, travel and a cloudy week was going to get in the way.  It had to be today.  To get the perfect shot […]

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