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The Seasons of the Tromsø Sun

Then a quick drive under Tromsø island to watch the twilight over the city docks. And lastly, we stopped by the bridge to the mainland to watch the pink fade away from the first snow of Autumn. kvaloyasunsetseptember.jpg tromsocitysunsetseptember.jpg tromsosnowsunsetseptember.jpg

The Art of the Norwegian Tunnel

Norway is covered in mountains. Rather than going over them, Norwegians prefer to go through them. So advanced is the Norwegian tunnel-making technology that tunnels are built with turns, u-turns, round-a-bouts, car parking and turning spots specifically for trucks! In fact, Tromsø City has an underground network that reaches all corners of the island. It […]

Norwegian-Style Canadian Waffles

No use waiting for the weekend, every time I opened the fridge the blueberries we picked were crying out to me ‘eat us… eeeat us’. … It’s a waiting game though – if we pick now not all the blueberries will be ripe but if we wait too long a passer-by might beat us to it.

August Sunset over Kvaløya, Tromsø

Moose (my hubby) is teaching me how to use my camera. I am shooting straight north to Kvaløya, an island just off Tromsø, on my Nikon D50. For this shot I had to lay on my belly in the dirt. No Photoshopping – this pic is straight from the camera. So… what do you think?

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