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Snow Boots

What do we do when we get snow on our boots? We brush off the snow and get it all over our hands so we wash it off in the snow on the ground. So far, every year has been Lilu’s first snowfall.  It can seem a long time between Winters for a Toddler so […]

The Duck Whisperer

Moose grew up with ducks.  On the farm in Alta, Farfar and Farmor have a duck pond and every year a family of ducks spend the Summer with us.  It’s wonderful to see each new generation return and have their own ducklings.  Quite often there are so many new ducklings swimming in the pond that […]

Our Plot of Gold

This whole month has been raining.  The leaves have turned yellow overnight.  The sky gets darker every day.  The great white Winter is coming. Even though nature has a schedule to keep, she still remembers that we need to look out our windows and catch moments of her beauty.

The Hope of Basil

I know basil.  I’ve grown it before in pots on my windowsill in Australia.  I loved being able to snip off a bit of fresh basil for my salads and pasta.  So this Spring, imagining all the lovely 24 hour sun we’d be having over Summer and all the lovely basil I could be eating, […]

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