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Solar Eclipse in the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is already amazing in Alta but seeing a solar eclipse with the Midnight Sun is pretty special.  At 23.35 last night on Sagabrinken (hill) there we were, with nearly half of Alta, taking pictures.  The moon only partially covered the sun but it was enough for the ‘ooooo’ effect.  The next full […]

Kristiansten Fortress

The Kristiansten Fortress is in Trondheim over looking the city.  Built in the early 1680s, it was strategically placed on the east hill to protect the city from inland attacks, especially from the Swedes.  In the Great Northern War, the fortress achieved it’s purpose in 1718.  Just its mer presence deterred the Swedes. Karl VII […]

Views from Elsterparken

Elsterparken is a forest to the west of Trondheim city.  It has panoramic views of the city and Trondheimsfjorden (The Trondheim fjord) with Munkholmen in the distance. Along the tracks you will find seats set for the best views and you will get to say ‘Hei!’ to many Norwegians who exercise along the tracks.  The […]

Leinstrand Church

Leinstrand church is in Klett on Trondheim’s peninsular.  It is the southernmost church in Trondheim and is set in the hills near a natural water and bird sanctuary.  This church was completed in 1673 by builder Ole Jonsen Hindrum.  Its original name was Nypen church as it was built for the Nypen farm community.   […]

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