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Car Dealings

You guessed it.  We are in the market for a new car.  We have needed a new car for a little while now but have been too busy to go looking.  It just so happened today that my clutch snapped while I was driving round a round-a-bout.  The pedal just loosened to the floor and […]

What to Give a Norwegian for Christmas

I find that Norwegians aren’t big gift-givers (compared to Aussies), however, over the years I have received many strange gifts from Norwegians.  I think Norwegians enjoy giving gifts to foreigners as they like sharing their culture.  It is easy to be intrigued, if not surprised, at Norwegian gifts. Some of the gifts that I have […]

Flowers for Winter

I had never bought flowers for myself until I came to Norway.  I always got them for Mother’s Day, birthdays and Valentine’s Day but I never thought much about flowers.  Outside had all the living flowers I needed.  Since being in Norway, I have found myself buying flowers quite often, just because.  Winter time is […]

Barnehage Blues

I hadn’t planned for Lilu to go to barnehage (direct translation “children’s garden”, Norwegian childcare).  I have the opportunity to look after both my small children at home but barnehage has been recommended by our doctor for Lilu’s language development. In Norway it is expected that all children go to barnehage and it is thought […]

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