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Turkey on Ice

It’s just too hard fitting a big turkey in the freezer.  The next best thing is on our house veranda.  The temperatures have been averaging -16ºC (abt 3.2ºF) which is nearly freezer temperature (-18ºC) so the turkey will do pretty well outside.  And yes we also have a six-pack of juleøl (Christmas beer) cooling off […]

Nisse Parties

Nisse parties happen in many kindergartens, primary schools, church and community groups in Norway.  They are a casual celebration of the julenisse (Christmas elf) tradition especially for children (but the big kids love them too).

Car Dealings

You guessed it.  We are in the market for a new car.  We have needed a new car for a little while now but have been too busy to go looking.  It just so happened today that my clutch snapped while I was driving round a round-a-bout.  The pedal just loosened to the floor and […]

What to Give a Norwegian for Christmas

I find that Norwegians aren’t big gift-givers (compared to Aussies), however, over the years I have received many strange gifts from Norwegians.  I think Norwegians enjoy giving gifts to foreigners as they like sharing their culture.  It is easy to be intrigued, if not surprised, at Norwegian gifts. Some of the gifts that I have […]

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