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Julebukk has a long tradition in Norway and even though its form and meaning has changed over time, the symbol of julebukk remains to this day – bringing the community together at Christmas. In old Norse tradition the julebukk (yule goat) was originally the goat that was slaughtered during romjul, the time between Christmas and New Years. The julebukk became the symbol […]

Nisse Season: Picking the Fjøsnisse from the Julenisse

It seems that julenisse is starting to steal fjøsnisse’s style and colour, as Norwegians prefer natural fibers and designs. Julenisse is beginning to drop it’s all red suit and go for grey, fur and Norwegian patterns instead.

The Inside Story on Looking for Work in Norway

Even though unemployment is low in Norway, full-time employment is also low. Many Norwegians, especially in smaller cities, have to take on two or three jobs to be full-time employed. The way that they do this is like a job share system. Rather than employees sharing a full-time job, employers share a full-time employee.

Hosting Our First Norwegian Birthday Party

Being Norwegian, Moose never thinks that Norwegian things are special, different, or that there is anything particular he should mention about normal Norwegian things – he is usually no help when he answers ‘same as everywhere else’. It seems I am right to never believe him.

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