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Guess What Our Farm Grows?

Farmers need to cut down the grass so the marshmallows have room to grow nice and big…. At the marshmallow factory they are cleaned, cut into bite-size pieces, bagged and shipped to every shop across the country.

The King Crab in Norway

In Finnmark you can go on a King Crab Safari if you have a diver’s licence – (and, if you want to brave the cold waters)…. My brother-in-law fished one out for us. Even though it wasn’t that big for a King Crab, I thought it best to admire from a distance.

Bottle Bank

Norway has a good bottle recycling system to help prevent bottle litter. When buying a bottled drink you not only pay for the drink but you also pay extra for the bottle. This means that the shelf price is only for the drink and when you go to the check out an extra kr 1,- […]

Meet the Moose

I have fallen in love. Moose are the most gentlest creatures. I got up close and personal with one for the first time last week at our family trip to the Polar Zoo in Bardu. The moose is called Elk in Europe and Elg in Norway – but i like ‘moose’ best. Their average height […]

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