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Chocoholic Bars

We bring you a taste of the Norwegian chocolate scene.  Move over Lindt, here comes Norway to raise the bar! I never thought there would be so much chocolate in Norway.  But I guess it is quite fitting – Norwegians love cream, sugar, jelly and crispy rice so what better way to eat them than […]

Troika Cake

A Troika in Norway is a special chocolate bar – a layer of marzipan, a layer of chocolate truffle and a layer of raspberry jelly dipped in chocolate to hold it together.  It is very thin and compact similar in texture to a Cherry Ripe or a Wonka Bar. As it’s my birthday we thought […]

Good Salmon Eating and Fishing

Salmon is certainly one of the dishes you have to eat when you visit Norway – but it has to be wild salmon!  Wild salmon is caught in rivers by local fishermen.  Every year a number of fishing licences are ‘lotto-ed’ out to the local fishermen in each area around Norway – the fishing restrictions […]

How to Eat Pølse – Norwegian Style

polse-salsaPølse is THE fast food of Norway. When the grilled pølse was first introduced to Norway in the 50s it was eaten naked – without bread.

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