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Lapskaus with Salty Pork

Lapskaus is one of Norway’s most famous traditional country dishes. It can range from a watery soup to a thick stew, it all depends on how you like it.

Mørketidsboller – A Norwegian Sweet Bun to Celebrate the Start of the Dark Season!

I have been threatening to do this for years! It’s about time that a boller is invented to embrace the dark season.

Traditional Norwegian Grøt

Traditional barley grøt recipe with a modern twist: As the grøt cools it will thicken. This is when we usually add in more milk… Peel and slice the clementines. The fruit will warm and the juice will mix with the creamy milk. The citrus flavour adds freshness and tang to the grøt.

Reindeer Sausages

Reindeer sausages are certainly not a new idea in Norway, the Vikings were likely making them as a way of using every part of the animal, to preserve and transport the meat, but it is only recently (the last year) that a fresh line of reindeer sausages has hit the mainstream shelves. Usually you can […]

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