Posessed Guitar, Anyone?

Facsimile from finn.no

Not sure if this is a joke, a selling gimmick or serious, but this ad showed up on the Norwegian classifieds site finn.no yesterday. It looks like just a regular guitar for sale until you read the title:

"Epiphone Goth Explorer w/gig bag for sale because it's posessed"

And it continues:

"Since yesterday, 6/6 at around 6 AM, there have been some evil tones coming from the guitar. The E-string is constantly chanting something that may sound like 'Ave Satani'.

I therefore do not dare to keep the guitar, and I'm hoping someone who is more acquainted with this culture will give it a more suitable home."

The seller doesn't name a price, but we can assume it would go for slightly less than your soul.

Norway’s Favourite Flavour is…

...not fårikål, not strawberries and not cardamon, but TACO!!! Unofficially, of course, but taco is the first spice mix that has infiltrated most 'quick' foods in Norway. You can get taco flavoured pizza, quiche, burgers, boller, pølse, dip, soup, salad, baguettes and potato chips, just to name a few. What's worse is that quite often not one, but every 'quick food brand', such as potato chips, has their own 'special taco' flavoured line. This agonisingly limits selection at food stores because the shelves are filled with the monopolized flavour. There is only one reason for this invasion - kids!  I know this because there was a Norwegian kids show, Amigo, that profiled their contestants and you know what everyone wrote down as their favourite food? Tacos!!  Whenever we have babysitters, Taco is always their first choice for dinner (the kids get to make their own Tacos and therefore bypass the tomato and lettuce.) It is no wonder that taco flavour has become so popular here as Norwegians have are very particular palate - salt, salt and more salt!

Ariel the Mule

Ariel is our new mule.  She arrived on the farm last week from Troms.  She is a cross between a shetland pony and a donkey and so she is a little smaller than the average mule. As soon as we put her in the paddock she decided to have a mud bath. Mules are typically thought of as stubborn creatures.  It is the donkey trait in them.  Ariel certainly has her own mind but because she is young, only three years old, she has some training to do and hopefully she will learn what is expected of her. On the farm she will be used as a pack mule to help us carry around supplies, water and food.  Farm animals need a job to do, especially horses, to keep them happy.  We are sure she will be a favourite of the local kids once she learns some manners. With us Ariel has been a little shy.  She enjoys being around us but she doesn't like too much attention.  Our other horses have been a little put out by the new dynamics of a third addition.  Our shetland pony, Missy, quite likes Ariel the mule and is strangely affectionate with her.  However Drage, our male fjording, is a little jealous and chases Ariel away.  Ariel still stays a close distance as the horses graze around the field. Already Ariel has proven useful.  She has been eating the fallen branches on the field, clearing it for us.  She likes to eat the dried silage left over by the sheep and she  eats the straw grass that the other animals don't eat.  She is good at chasing the sheep back into their lambing paddock (the sheep think the grass is greener on the other side). Ariel is the perfect addition to our farm.  Though a friend of ours pointed out that with all our different animals it seems we don't have a farm anymore but a zoo!

Royal Roadside Assistance

King Harald of Norway had to share his expertise when his driver had problems getting the car into gear. It was during a visit to Bergen that His Majesty and his wife, Queen Sonja, were being escorted to an art exhibition. The Bergen police escort service were on strike, and Inspector Olav Valland had to step in to drive the royals. Unfortunately, the Inspector couldn't get the rented Mercedes to move, as he had no experience with the car's automatic transmission. The King quickly leaned forward and informed the driver that he had to apply the brake pedal in order to get the car into gear. The Royal couple arrived at the art gallery five minutes late, but the Inspector refuses to take responsibility for the whole delay - on the account that the King was so quick to intervene. Representatives for the striking police force commented: -That's what happens when police chiefs take the jobs of experienced cops! Via VG.no

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