Doktor Proktors Tidsbadekar Teaser Trailer


So someone decided to give the teaser trailer for the Norwegian children’s movie “Doktor Proktors Tidsbadekar” (Doctor Proktor’s Time Bath Tub) the Hollywood treatment and the results are hilarious. I’m taking the kids to see it this weekend.

Birkebeinerne – First Trailer

The first official trailer for the new Norwegian film “Birkebeinerne” has been released. The film is based on real events in the early 13th century, a time when Norway was in a state of civil war. Two heroic skiers escorted the young prince Håkon Håkonsson on a perilous journey across the mountain to escape the people who wanted the prince dead.

The film is directed by Oscar-nominee Nils Gaup, and stars Jakob Oftebro and Kristofer Hivju (known for portraying Tormund Giantsbane on the HBO series Game of Thrones.) The 1869 painting (above) by Knud Bergslien seems to have had a major influence on the production design.

Anticipation has been high ever since the producers in 2013 started casting several hundred “bearded, rugged men” as well as “warrior women” to star as extras. The film also has one of the largest production budgets for a Norwegian film to date, and the director has promised plenty of fast-paced action and magnificent battle scenes.

So far, only a Norwegian trailer has been released but we took the liberty to add English captions for your convenience. Enjoy!

You can read more about the story of the Birkebeiner here.

“Birkebeinerne” is released in theaters in February 2016.

Death Diving – Norway’s Craziest Sport

Are you into sports where the whole point is showing off? Dødsing, aka “Death Diving” or simply “Deathing” originated in the 1960s at the Frognerbadet public bath in Oslo, where kids would sneak into the pool complex after hours and practice spectacular stunts from the 10m (32 ft) diving tower.

50 years later, the pasttime has developed into an annual World Championship held at the same pool complex, hosted by Det Internasjonale Dødseforbundet (The International Death Diving Federation). It is now a (somewhat) organised spectator sport where brave men (and a few women) throw themselves off the tower in a death-defying manner (hence the name), striking poses for as long as they can before smashing into the water below, either bent like a shrimp or curled into a ball. This is NOT to be confused with belly-flop contests.

The “athletes” compete in either Classic or Freestyle classes, and points are awarded for

  • running speed off the tower
  • height and strength of the leap
  • acrobatics and difficulty (freestyle only)
  • style (a death dive should be controlled and easy on the eye)
  • keeping the pose for as long as possible before touchdown
  • touchdown style
  • height of splash

This year’s World Championship is held on the 15th of August, and registration is still open. The Federation is expecting a record-breaking attendance this year.


(Image: NRK)

Arguably, the Frognerbadet championship isn’t even the most spectacular event. The Sup & Stup (Drink & Dive) water festival in Lillesand hosts the IDF Grand Prix every summer, and draws a huge crowd as contestants throw themselves off a cliff into the ocean:

So You Want To Be A Viking?


Popular TV shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones have sparked an interest in Medieval lifestyles and crafts. As a response, Seljord Folk High School in Telemark, Norway has opened the world’s first Viking study.

The programme will teach everyday Viking skills like forging weapons, tools and armor, cooking with authentic equipment, tailoring and cobblery, pottery, and making jewellery. There will also be excursions to historical Viking sites where the students get to learn about Viking history, everyday life and celebrations. A trip to York, England (an old Viking settlement), is a mandatory part of the programme.

Students will also learn about shipbuilding, and they even get to sail and do maintenance on a replica Viking longship. Whether the students will be doing any actual raiding and pillaging is yet to be determined, according to the school’s website.

All 14 places on the programme have been filled this year. Applications for next year will open in February.

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