If you’re from a country that doesn’t get snow, then visiting Noway in the winter is an amazing experience. Just being in the snow gives hours of entertainment – feeling it, throwing it, catching snowflakes on your tongue, listening to the crunch under your boots… Norway is a winter playland.

As a visitor, without even joining a ski, snowshoe or dog sledding tour, you can have loads of fun just spending a few hours at a local sledding hill – and it’s free! You will need a sled though, which come in many varieties and can be hired at tourist equipment centres or bought at toy or sporting goods stores. You can find simple butt sleds for under 100 kroner at supermarkets.

Quite often the locals have already done the work clearing deep snow and building jumps for the thrill seekers. Sometimes sledding hills can have very elaborate tracks with pipes used as rails for snowboarding practice.

Sledding is for the whole family, is great exercise, fun, and on a sunny winter’s day, will immerse you in the BBQ culture with the locals.