Nobel - Peace at Any Price (Nobel - fred for enhver pris) is the newest big budget series in Norway. It premiered on 25th of September 2016, on NRK,  the national broadcaster. It was made available on webTV the same day. Almost one million people in Norway watched the first double episode - that's one fifth of the Norwegian population. Nobel is about Norway's military involvement in Afghanistan. Even though it is a fictional story it draws heavily on real life situations and experiences of Norwegian Special Forces. The series stars the Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie known from the internationally acclaimed Norwegian film, Max Manus, and The Martian and Hercules. essaqub6katao0w3gqmaiw5lyd_i-e2aizc-wlqrsjmq (Image Unfortunately, the series is not available yet outside of Norway (yet) but a trailer and the opening credits have been released internationally (on Youtube). One of the most exciting elements of this drama series is its filmatic and artistic quality. You can experience this in the title sequence music video (above). The track is The Sea by the Norwegian artist ARY. One of the most prominent lines from the trailer gives you a sense of the drama.
Two soldiers arguing over their role in the war: "We are not here to kill..." "No, we are here to die."

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