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NRK, Norway's public TV network and inventor of the phenomenon "Slow TV", has in recent years entertained us with a number of lengthy live shows of menial everyday life. The success kicked off in 2009 with an 8-hour live broadcast from the Oslo-Bergen train, and two years later broke every record with a whopping 134-hour broadcast from the coastal liner Hurtigruten travelling from Bergen to Kirkenes. The concept has also featured canal trips, trams and even a caroling marathon. This year NRK is taking us into the digital realm with a 12-hour live streaming of a special Minecraft building project. About 450 participants of all ages have been selected from all of Norway's 19 counties and have been tasked with creating scenery representing every region. We can expect to see several renditions of famous Norwegian landmarks, such as the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, but participants are allowed to use their imagination and create more abstract representations as well. The project will not become a scale-model of Norway, but rather resemble a theme park where all the counties form a circle around a "festival ground" in the middle, which will feature its own stage and sculpture competition. NRK has fitted the game server with special high-resolution mods to make the broadcast more visually appealing. The show will also include Skype-chats with builders as they work on the project from around the country. The Norwegian Minister of Culture, Linda Hofstad Helleland, will be a guest in the studio as well as have her own avatar to visit the game. The broadcast will start on June 25 at 12.00 CET on NRK 3 and their affiliated YouTube channel FlippKlipp. The finished world will also be freely available for download. 

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