polse-2 The grilling hot dog (grillpølser) is iconic in Norwegian culture. At practically every outdoor social event especially with children, snow or shine,  you can guarentee there will be grilling hot dogs. polse-4 Events that are designed around hot dog eating are call pølsefest, or hot dog parties. The 17. May, Norway's National Day, is the biggest pølsefest day of the year. polse-6 The standard items for a pølsefest are grilling hot dogs, of course. These are shorter and slimmer than other Norwegian hot dogs to fit perfectly in hot dog buns or lefse (potato flatbread). Ketchup and mustard are a must have, and crispy fried onions are a common topping. polse-3 polse-1 Whenever our kids have an outdoor science, ski or beach trip with school, always on the To-bring list is grilling hot dogs and a grill stick. polse-8 Norwegians often cook hot dogs on an open fire. That's when they use a grill stick. It is a prong that folds up into its handle for safe keeping. These are great for kids as they don't have to stand too close to the fire to grill their own hot dogs. Lilu got hers as a graduation present from her Barnehage (kindergarten). Grill sticks make a great gift, which will be used all seasons. polse-7 polse-5 

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