snow-park-3 ...Turn it into a mini ski park, of course! snow-park-2 The sun won't make it over the horizon again until the end of January next year.  Even though we have no sun, we can still see the light peeping up over the earth, and with the snow bouncing all the light around, our days can still be pretty light (for an hour or so).  This is the blue light season, and in it, all sorts of white fluffy fun is to be had! During the darkness, play parks are lit to invite the neighborhood kids out to play.  Soccer fields and basketball courts are turned into whatever the kids can make.  In our backyard, the kids make a ski park.  We have a perfect downhill skiing hill where the kids have made jumps and slides to practice their tricks for the bigger ski slopes at registered hills.  They have been hoarding left over building parts from the new houses in the area since the summer (keeping it in the forest just above), just waiting for the time when there is enough snow.  Now that the snow is here, the kids spend all their time outside sculpting their masterpieces to get the most height and flavour out of their freestyle skiing.  No point bringing their gear inside, they spend more time on the park than anywhere else. The play park across the road is generally turned into a sledding hill.  Some spaces are turned into forts or caves, and the school sports oval is turned into one big ice skating rink. There is always plenty of fun to be had in the snow.  Playtime was never so cool! snow-park-1 

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