whale-in-tromso In the last week there has been a whale invasion, humpbacks, orcas and dolphins, at Kvaløya in Tromsø.  The whales have been chasing big schools of herring into Kaldfjord.  Many people, especially fishermen have had a prime view of the whales.  National Geographic have offered payment to people to take pictures of the whale's tails.  Apparently the patterns and the marks on their tails are unique identifiers, like fingerprints, and they can be used to track the whales as they travel around the world. kvaloya-humpback-whale On Nov 8, two herring fishermen spotted a pod of whales close by and so they stopped their engines.  They got a mighty surprise as the whales chased the school of fish under their boat - (they cameraman is laughing because he is nervous!): On the same day a camera drone was getting an aerial view of the herring hunt in the fjord: The whales were most welcome in the fjord because they were doing a great service for the fish farms.  The herring were taking up a lot of the oxygen in the water and therefore the fish in the farms had been suffering.  The whales eating the herring has solved the problem. underwater-whale 

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