lapskaus-with-ham-1 Lapskaus is a Norwegian vegetable-based soup.  Home-grown starchy Norwegian potatoes are what make this dish 'creamy' as they disintegrate, naturally thickening the soup.  No flour is needed.  There are many different types of lapskaus, each region seems to have its own traditional version, but the most common every-day lapskaus is made with winter vegetables and salty pork off the bone. lapskaus-with-ham-5 The salty pork is warmed in water for about two hours to cook it and draw some of the salt out.  This process softens it and loosens it up off the bone.  After that the skin can be stripped off easily and the meat can be carved off. lapskaus-with-ham-4 lapskaus-with-ham-3 The pork pieces are added to a pot of diced winter vegetables.  Anything goes but swede, carrots, potatoes are the base and the other usual additions are celery, leek, bay leaf and pepper.  We add anything else we have laying around in the fridge - pumpkin, sweet potato, onion, and this time broccoli and peas.  The pot is filled with water to about half way up the ingredients.  (Some Norwegians use the cooking water from the pork.) lapskaus-with-ham-2 Let the pot simmer until the starchy vegetables have disintegrated and thickens the soup.  It takes about an hour.  Add in more water if you need to.  If you want the soup thicker, remove the lid near the end of cooking.  The soup is traditionally served with flatbread. flatbread-2 Read more about different types of lapskaus. Our own Pumpkin and Apple lapskaus

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